5 tips for health tourism

Israel. Advantages: innovative technologies, resorts near the Dead sea. Specialization: oncology, dermatology, infecundity, assisted reproduction, cardiology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and joint replacement surgery, neurology.
Germany. Advantages: innovative technologies, top-ranked specialists, quick diagnostics. Specialization: cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, infecundity, orthopedics, urology.
South Korea. Advantages: prices, qualified doctors, innovative technologies. Specialization: orthopedics, oncology, stomatology, plastic surgery.
China. Advantages: prices, oriental medicine methods. Specialization: orthopedics, dermatology, neurology, gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, pulmonology, cosmetology, weight loss.
India. Advantages: Ayurvedic medicine approach, all medicines are produced from component of plants and animals communities. Specialization: cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology, infecundity, orthopedics, pulmonology, gynecology, , weight loss.

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Goa – safety instructions for calm rest!

Nowadays the Indian Goa is becoming more and more popular destination for tourists from Kazakhstan. Due to money-saving offer from Silk Tour, vacation in Goa is a great alternative to Thailand or Turkey. But before relaxing and forgetting about everything on a beach, it is worth remembering some peculiarities of behavior in this exotic nook of the world. Every year dozens of thousand people visit Goa and have a lot of fun, swim, lie in the sun and enjoy the life, and almost everybody come back healthy and refreshed.

A lot of travelers become vegetarians in India. But the main point is that food should be freshly cooked and heat-treated (boiled, fried, stewed). Cross out for a while from your diet salads, fresh milk, meat, fruit which are difficult to wash.
Drink no less than 2 bottles by 5 liters of water a day in winter time, and 4 bottles – in hot season to avoid dehydration. Drink only mineral bottled water, boiled drinks (tea, coffee), refreshing drinks from plants (Pepsi – Cola – Fanta). Do not drink urban water and street refreshing drinks.
India is not a country to visit which it is necessary to get vaccination. Nevertheless, you can do them if you are going to stay there for a long time. In fact, a myth about “dirty and contagious” India is too exaggerated. But it will be helpful to follow strict hygienic rules during your trip.
During water tide a heavy tide wave can be observed, so do not swim for long distances in the evening. Vey heavy seasonal currents happen in Goa. From July till September you should be more careful in the water, do not swim far from the shore.
Water element traditionally awakes fear among many Indians, and even some Goan fishers cannot swim. In case of problems while swimming in India, it is better to rely only on yourselves. By the very reason, the locals can happen not to know something about beaches, water, water dangers, currents and swimming.
Here you can meet jellyfish, sow bugs, snakes, some species of poisonous fish, skates, eels. Though they are not deathful and can be met seldom, but their bites are very undesired for people with hypersensitivity or allergy. That is why, please, be careful while swimming on wild remote beaches; pay attention to what surrounds you in the water. Never touch unknown sea creatures – fish, jellyfish, insects, etc. If there is no special need, do not go to coppice or bushes, especially during rain seasons. Mind your step while walking in the forest. Do not touch any local animals – dogs, monkeys, live-stock.
Carefully cleanse wounds, bites, scratches received on the beach or in the water.
If you like diving with open eyes, use goggles or snorkel.
Do not lie on bare sand, lie on a towel, and do not go barefoot on the beach.
In case of serious problems and life hazard, do not waste your time on calling the Indian ambulance or looking for a local doctor – take any vehicle and go straight to the nearest hospital where you will be given qualified aid.
Also, if you decided to go to Goa, remember that foreign currency import and export in India is not limited, and export of national currency is forbidden. It is obligatory to declare cash money in amount more than $10.000 USA. You are not allowed to export from the country any hides of wild animals, feathers of birds, skins and leather items made from rare reptiles and ivory. It is also forbidden to export from India alive plants, gold and silver in bars, antiquity items created more than 100 years ago. If you want to take some jewelry from India, you must provide a certificate which should be given the seller when you buy jewelry. However, if you are wearing some jewelry or it is packed in your luggage, nobody pays attention or requests a certificate.
The other instructions are the same as for other travelling destination: watch your belongings, valuable things and documents, do not attend unknown places at night by yourselves, and remember that alcohol and overheating in the water is dangerous, do not swim near cliffs, do not lose sight of your children on the beach, etc.

In general, the Indians are welcoming and friendly people, that is why being respectful towards the Indian traditions and culture, you can experience a plenty of good emotions from communication with them. Remain positive and follow the tips, enjoy the sea and nature without undesirable adventures!

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9 ideas for a sudden trip

Every year, Kazakhstanis are increasingly traveling around the world. You will not be surprised by the photos from vacation in Turkey, Thailand or India. But there are countries where you can also go right now for vivid impressions. The world is huge, and often we do not even think how many things can be seen in our lives. Of course, traveling requires free time and free money. But at least once in life you can also break off the usual path. For these trips you do not need visas, and we will help you to pick up tickets at favorable prices!

Lions, hyenas, antelopes, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinoceroses are the main reason to see Kenya right now. Visit the national parks of Kenya with an excursion or even a safari, and unforgettable emotions are provided to you. The stunning fauna and wild nature of the African savanna are complemented by beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs. Kenyan visa for 3 months can be obtained when crossing the border. After all, we are all a little Kenyans, since it is there that, according to science, the ancestral home of the first people is located.

Luxurious beaches, delicious cuisine in the region, many ancient temples and palaces - there is always something to see and taste here. Vacations in Vietnam are possible at any time of the year. You can go from the north to the south of the country to view the sights and beauty of nature, or you can simply choose the "all inclusive" tour and spend a vacation on a snow-white beach. For Kazakhstan citizens an electronic visa is issued for 30 days.

Yes, flying to the other end of the world is not a normal vacation, but if you are a fan of tango and real steaks, then why not. In Argentina, you can record the most incredible impressions in record time: listen to the incessant murmur of the glacier and wander through the streets of the southernmost city of the planet, dine an asado and drink mate, take a tango lesson right on the street and float on the legendary Cape Horn - or even go to the real Antarctic cruise. The main thing to keep within 30 days, which Kazakhstanis do not need a visa.

Cambodia attracts tourists with beautiful places, cheap service and accommodation, a warm climate and friendly residents. One of the most interesting monuments of the Kingdom of Cambodia without exaggeration can be called - Angkor Wat. This is one of the most impressive historical monuments in the world. A visa to Cambodia can be obtained at the border crossing.

Suddenly I wanted silence and seclusion? Need to urgently restore peace of mind? Or even decided to cement their union an unforgettable wedding? Fly to Seychelles at any time - for 90 days visa is not required! You expect white sandy beaches, absolute peace, seclusion and a measured rhythm of life. Also Seychelles are famous for their underwater world, Creole cuisine, ocean fishing and surfing places.

Another place for excellent diving and all kinds of beach recreation. Here you will find a wonderful climate, amazing flora and fauna, plenty of exotics, delicious cuisine, chic resort hotels and dizzying skyscrapers. On the 7000 islands there is a huge choice of attractions and entertainment for every taste. So far, a few Kazakhstanis have ridden miracles in the Philippines, although we have a visa-free entry for 30 days.

There are at least 4 reasons to go to Montenegro right now. First, Montenegro - relatively inexpensive to rest a European country. Secondly, you do not need to make a visa. Thirdly, a calm environment and friendly people. And, fourthly, the Adriatic Sea, beautiful bays and beaches, mountains, delicious food and wine. But still remember that Montenegro will suit unpretentious tourists who appreciate rest alone with nature.

Above the mountains can only be the highest mountains. If you did not leave the dream to conquer the Himalayas, then you can go for it right now. Nepal will offer the most extreme options for mountain recreation, trekking and rafting. But here they go not only for this. Buddhist Nepal is known as the center of spirituality in Asia, and everyone who is looking for their own way, come here from all over the world to meditate and soak up the unique atmosphere of this place. In addition, here you can simply admire the most beautiful mountains, stunning temples and ancient pagodas. And, by the way, without a visa.

If you are ready for a long flight with transplants, then you should think about Ecuador. Those who are not afraid of prices and flights will be rewarded in full. Exotic equatorial Ecuador can offer a holiday for every taste: there is a very rich "excursion", and luxurious beaches, and a fascinating variety of diving. Warm climate, lots of amazing fruits, delicious cuisine, tropical music and dancing will make the trip even more enjoyable. The pearl of Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands with a unique fauna. A pleasant bonus - a visa is not needed for up to 90 days.


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