Shymbulak Medeo

Shymbulak resort

Shymbulak ski resort is located in the picturesque gorge of Zailiysky Alatau on an altitude of 2260 meters above sea level, a 15-minute drive from the center of Almaty. Resort is working all year round.

Number of lifts: 7 Length of slopes for skiing:  more than 20 km.

Average air temperature: +20 C, -7 C in winter.

Average snow cover:  up to 1.5 meters.

Number of sunny days per year:  more than 300.

Duration of the ski season: November till April.

Travel time from international airport:  25 min.

The resort has ski rental, clothing and Equipment. In summer tourists will be offered to paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, riding a mountain bike and/or buggy, zorbing and a Rope park. A rope park has been opened in Chimbulak for visitors starting from 3 years old with 3 routes running at a height upo 10 m. All year round you can book a helicopter tours.



Medeu Gorge

Medeu - is an outdoor speed skating and bandy rink. It is located in a mountain valley (Medeu Valley, or the valley of Malaya Almatinka River) on the south-eastern outskirts of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Medeu sits 1,691 metres above sea level. It consists of 10.5 thousand square meters of ice and utilizes sophisticated freezing and watering system to ensure the quality of the ice. Also Medeu is a pictureaque gorge. There are several hiking trails that originate from the Medeu main bus stop. There is access to the Shymbulak Skiing resort from the Medeu cable car station. This involves a 15-20-minute scenic ride above the area's mountain tops and rivers. Kimassar trail is a 2-hour hike to the top of Furmanov Peak, where hikers have access to swinging on iconic wooden swings. Kok-Zhailyau trail is a 3-hour hike, and leads to hot springs with thermal water (the place is equipped with changing booths, tiny thermal water pool and outdoors gym). Shymbulak trail is a

2-hour hike, and leads to Shymbulak Skiing resort.

Tour cost:includes Transfer, guide, cable car ticket.

1 pax – 37 000 kzt

2 pax – 31 000kzt p/p

3-4 pax – 27 000kzt p/p

5-8 pax – 23 000 kzt p/p

9-12 pax – 20 000 kzt p/p

Equipment rent, ski pass and meals are extra.

Shymbulak Medeo